Welcome to our website!

Ine, Kris, our son Jackson and Grizzly in Tofino

Our names are Kris and Ine and we currently live in Port Moody, Canada (a small town near Vancouver). We spent the majority of our lives in Belgium, but several years ago we decided to move to “Beautiful British Columbia”. This blog is about our daily life, Kris’ photographs and it’s a way to inform people about some of our adventures and travels.

On a professional level, I work for a game development company. In my spare time I like to pretend that I know how to be a photographer, but in fact I’m still learning a lot every single day. I hope that one day I can use that knowledge to do something useful.

- Kris.

It is a truth universally acknowledged in my family that I love nature and animals. I’m very intrigued by bears and love reading about them. I’m an outdoor person who loves traveling, winter and snowboarding. Therefore lots of my contributions to this blog will be about the subjects mentioned above.

- Ine.

We hope you enjoy!